01:30:07- a half marathon time I would not have been happy with a few years ago. Yesterday I ran this time at Hallwilersee and I am very happy about it. Let me explain. 

The last few years brought changes in how I train and how I approach workouts and recovery. Previously it was only focusing on running but since 2018 I find myself also in the pool doing lap swimming and pedaling on the bike. It feels I have finally arrived a little bit more than a month ago with tri coach Lisbeth and with „proper“ triathlon training. Today I am stronger and healthier than I had been. Knowing, after a week with normal training and challenging workouts, I can cycle 100 miles to the race and back and still run strong. All these things explain why I am happy about my race time from yesterday. BUT (there is always a but) I also know, there is more to come, and I am quite sure to be capable of running faster than 01:30:07.;-)

I really don’t want to miss the running experience I made, meeting very cool people and all the wonderful weeks of training and racing. It sounds kinda trite, but this made me to become the athlete I am today.:-)

I am very grateful for my awesome friends and family. 

A true friend, Flora, who drags me to these events and with whom I can share great times with endless stupid jokes and the same coaching philosophy. 

Dad and mom, who are always cheering and always estimate my finisher time correct (that is quite crazy- I guess they know me well). 

My brother who keeps me updated on shoe evolution. 

Amazing Coaches, Lisbeth, David and Kylee. Great training buddies, J, Andy, Dani, Heather, Nacho and my always supportive partner, Brian. THANK YOU!

It feels so good to write these honest lines in crazy Covid-times and I hope I did not forget anybody to just say thanks today- you are all awesome!!

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