season recap

Reflecting about the past few months of racing and training, makes me extremely thankful and proud! It’s not always easy to juggle studies, uni-job, personal life and on top the training. While the triathlon training is different to what I’ve done before, I run less by quite a bit, I feel very fit and strong. With the help of my coach David Roche I’ve become less injured and have been able to train and race all season long. He always says „consistency is key“. That is so true and makes the process so sweet and enjoyable when you know you are healthy! It has been a great summer and I look forward to fall, winter and the next year with some exciting new goals! Thanks to Brian Lang, who is always there and supports me in every possible way, Flora Colledge, Jason George, Heather Walden, Patrick Tongue and many others for being great training partners and friends who suffer and laugh together! And thanks to my dad and mom for cheering me on!

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